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Frank Moe Announces Candidacy

Press Release – For Immediate Release
May 20, 2013
Frank Moe announces candidacy for Moffat County Commissioner District 3 for the 2014 election during the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner, Saturday May 18, 2013 and the Holiday Inn of Craig.
Bob Rankin, Colorado State House Representative District 57 introduced Frank and thanked him for all of his advocay work for our area, and his work on helping to oppose SB 13-252, the Rural Energy Bill.
Below is Frank’s speech:
Thank you Bob for your kind words. I believe in this county, and I believe in strongly advocating for it.
Before I make my comments, let’s all again show our appreciation to Scott Gessler, our Secretary of State, and State Representative Bob Rankin, and Joyce Rankin for representing Colorado State Senator Randy Baumgartner, and for all their efforts and hard work against formidable odds during this last legislative session. Although they were outnumbered in their causes, they still fought admirably on our behalves.
One of my favorite quotes comes from the movie, The Untouchables, where Elliott Ness is quoted as saying, “Never give up the fight until the fight is done.” Well, I’m here to tell you, I’m not done yet!
Over the last couple of years, I have traveled to Grand Junction and Denver on several occasions to advocate for our county and our economy.
I testified before the Public Utilities Commission against House Bill 10-1365, the misnomered “Clean Air, Clean Jobs” Act.
I also testified at the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission, where extreme environmentalists were basically trying to shutter Tri State’s Craig Station by requiring a $650 plus MILLION DOLLAR upgrade regarding visibility standards.
Both of these attacks on our energy industry were essentially an effort by extreme environmentalists to shut down the coal production in this valley.
When the “Energy for America” tour came through our area in October of 2011, Kerry and I happily participated in a You-tube video “The Perfect Storm over Craig, Colorado”, discussing the economic fallout these attacks are having on our local economy.
Last May, after inviting presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his campaign to visit Craig, and to see what real coal country looked like, how clean our skies are and how successfully we do coexist with the wildlife and our environment, I was able to introduce him at the park downtown to Moffat County, where approximately 1,500 people attended.
Within a month of Romney visiting Craig and staying at our hotel, Kerry and I were invited to speak at the Koch Brother’s semi-annual conference, where 350 of the most influential and wealthiest people in the country attend, in order to help fund conservative causes across this country. We were able to introduce the video, “The Perfect Storm over Craig, CO” and address this large group. We individually met with each of the Koch Brother’s, and many other business people that really do care about communities like ours. Their reoccurring assurance was to never give up the fight for what is right, and not to give up on America’s energy industries. We played a small part in this group raising over $100 million dollars for conservative causes that help communities like ours all across this country.
Last fall, I was asked to be the local coordinator for the “Romney Get-Out the Vote Campaign” for Moffat County.  Our group helped realize a 14% increase in voter turnout. Those numbers greatly benefitted many of our state offices, including Randy Baumgartner, Bob Rankin, and Scott Tipton.
When Senate Bill 13-252, the Rural Energy bill came up, I emailed every state senator and representative, encouraging them to oppose this onerous and expensive bill to rural Colorado.  I called Bob Rankin and asked him what else can I do to help him and Randy defeat, or at least change SB 252.
The next day I received a phone call from Bob and representatives from the Colorado Rural Electric Association.  They laid out a local plan of action for Moffat County, and I put that plan into motion.
I also drove down with my wife to Denver, and again testified before the House Transportation and Energy Committee, expressing my opposition to SB 252 and the undue hardships it will create on all of rural Colorado.
I have also advocated for the preservation of our 2nd Amendment Rights.
The reason I am telling you all this is that I strongly believe in advocating for Moffat County’s best interests, and I have the wherewithal to do it.  As I said before, I believe, “Never give up the fight until the fight is done!” So at this time, I am announcing my candidacy for Moffat County Commissioner, District 3, for the upcoming election in 2014.
Thank you for your time this evening, and good night.
Frank’s Campaign Websites  will be going live this afternoon
Contact Information for Frank Moe
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