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Friday, March 30, 2018 12:00 AM

Moffat County Commissioner Frank Moe Explains Recusal

I would like to thank Craig Press reporter, Elenore Hassenbeck, for her in depth story in Friday, March 30,2018 newspaper article, titled "Moe details reasons for recusal Vote."
After Elenore apologized to me personally for not contacting me prior to the story she published last Wednesday, titled' "Deadlock:Moe's recusal results in a tie vote, no action taken on vacant position," she wrote today's story to reflect a more informed , balanced, and complete version of the reasons for my recusal from voting.
Elenore's story more acrualely reflects the events that occured.
The irony of Elenore's story when compared to the Editorial Board's editorial, also in Fridays paper, is Facts do matter! Her story contained the following information:
1. Why I recused myself.
2. I was given legal council by the County Attorney to recuse myself.
3. A workshop to reevaluate the Clerk's request for staffing in the Motor Vehicle Division had already been scheduled.
4. A statement from me that the staffing request would be voted on in an upcoming BOCC meeting with my commitment to vote, since the reason for my recusal has passed.

All of this was in place prior to the Editorial being writen and published in Friday's paper. It makes people wonder why this editorial was even written in the first place?

I agree, Moffat County deserves better from the Craig Press Editorial Board. They can certainly learn a lot from their reporter's journalistic etiquette and decorum plus her willingness to make amends for her mistake.

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