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What is a precinct caucus?

Precinct caucuses are meetings of registered electors within a precinct who are members of a particular major political party. The purpose of precinct caucuses is to elect precinct committee persons and delegates to county assemblies. Caucuses are held in locations across Colorado and are open to the public.


Who can vote in a precinct caucus?

In order to vote in any precinct caucus of a political party a voter must be: [1]

  • A resident of the precinct for at least 30 days.
  • Registered to vote no later than 29 days before the caucus.
  • Affiliated with the party holding the caucus for at least 2 months before the caucus.


Where can I get information about my precinct caucus?

Contact your political party for information about your precinct caucus.


When are precinct caucuses held?

The precinct caucuses are held on the first Tuesday in March.

In a presidential election year, each major political party may choose to conduct its precinct caucuses on the first Tuesday in February. [2]


Where are precinct caucuses located?

The county central committee or executive committee of the political party is responsible for determining the time and place of the caucus. Precinct caucuses may be held in a public place or a private home that is open to the public during the caucus that is in or near the precinct. The location must be physically accessible to persons with disabilities and comply with the rules of the county central committee. [3]

Signs must be posted designating precinct caucus locations no later than 12 days before the caucus. The signs must state: “Precinct caucus place for precinct no. _____” [4]


What happens at a precinct caucus?

Caucus attendees elect officers who will be responsible for organizing political activities within the precinct. Caucus attendees also elect delegates and alternates to represent the precinct at the political party’s county or district convention.


When are county assemblies held?

The county assembly will be held no later than 25 days after precinct caucuses. [5]


What happens at a county assembly?

The county assembly is convened to designate candidates for the state primary election and to select delegates to the congressional district assemblies and the state assembly. [6]


When is the district assembly held?

The date of the district assembly is determined by the chairperson of the district committee. [7]


What happens at the district assembly?

The assembly is convened to designate district level delegates to the national convention. The delegates also nominate candidates for Congress, the Colorado General Assembly, the State Board of Education, the Board of Regents, and District Attorneys. [8]



When is the state assembly/convention held?

The state assembly will be held no later than 73 days before the primary election.


What happens at the state assembly/convention?

The purpose of the state assemblies is to nominate candidates for statewide offices to the primary election ballot. During the assemblies, delegates will also be elected to the national convention.


I have more questions.

Contact the Elections Division at 303-869-4938, or email us at



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