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Good Evening,

I wish I could be there in person, but as you might have heard I was at a 3 ½ hour meeting at the White House yesterday.

I am excited to tell you President Trump, his Cabinet, and key Department Heads and leaders now know where Craig and Moffat County is and that we are Colorado’s Great Northwest. They now know what our issues are like coal, oil, gas, agriculture, water, Sage Grouse, transportation and infrastructure and most recently Grey Wolves. They now know what specific help we need with each issue. I was assured that we would continue to receive the special attention we need for the next 7 years of his presidency.

We have been given the opportunity for a rebirth, a renaissance in Moffat County.

Will we seize this opportunity? Will we now have a new sense of urgency to make the changes and investments necessary in ourselves, our schools, healthcare, social needs, and in our local government’s, to help secure and ensure a prosperous future for the people of Moffat County?


I can’t see your faces or hear your voices, but I know in my heart the answer was yes.

We all know what needs to happen to finally take our futures into our own hands, to change our course, to step up to the demands of our time and place in history.

We need to honor our heritage, but not let it hold us back. We need to reinvent our local economy, while appreciating and embracing our energy industries and re-imaging our futures. We need to turn talk and economic plans into successful implementation.

Our hallmark is cooperation, co-ordination, and communication as we strive to work together in unison to realize as a community the lofty ambition of working together: One Team, One Goal, One Mission and One Vision.

Please support and Vote for Frank Moe Moffat County Commissioner District 3. Thank you!

Committee to Elect Frank Moe
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