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Moffat County's farming and ranching industries are vital parts of our local economy. In addition to the income and jobs created from agriculture , it's rich history and heritage are the foundation of Moffat County's past , present and future.

Because of agriculture's importance to Moffat County, I am a member of the Colorado Farm Bureau and the Colorado Cattlemen's Association. As a member of each I receive legislative alerts as well as the latest news and stories on all aspects of agribusiness.

My own family tree, from my mother's side, is rooted in farming. My grandfather Blessinger was a wheat farmer in the Columbia Basin in the state of Washington near the towns of Walla Walla and Dayton. He also owned a farm on the Oregon side of the Columbia river near the town of Hermiston. Grandpa also served as a  Columbia County Commissioner.

I have fond memories of visiting, playing and working on family farms during my school summer vacations.

After my grandparents passed away my mother inherited the farm land in Oregon along with my uncle. Because of my mothers distance from the farm and my uncles age , they leased the land to a local dairy farmer. My parents worked continuously with my uncle on all issues concerning the farm from water rights , irrigation and taxes to  lease negotiations. I was glad they involved me, because after my parents passed away, I was left with the responsibilities of the farm as executor of the estate as well as being an heir. Managing a farm from Craig, Colorado , even though it was leased out, was a definite learning experience. My attorney at the time locally was Rod Peck. He gave me excellent business and legal advice on farming issues. When the lease expired he was also a real asset when it came to selling the farm.






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