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As with all things, it takes a team to achieve success in nearly all endeavors. As a member of the Board of County Commissioners, working with other elected officials, Moffat County department heads & employees, plus  other government bodies and people from the community, the following projects and initiatives have happened or have been completed, in which I played a part in.

Frank Moe with William "Billy" Kirkland and Roz Leighton

1. After President Trump was elected I took my opportunity to establish strong ties and contacts with the Trump administration, when I had my first contact with Roz Leighton, Regional Political Director, White House Office of Political Affairs.

I explained to her our experience during the 8 years of the Obama administrations "War on Coal and Coal Fired Power Plants." 

I emailed her the video " The Perfect Storm Over Craig, Colorado, as well as news articles about our county and other economic and other political information, and then I once again, took the conversation to the next level and asked, "Who can I talk with that can give our county the personal attention and care we need so we could overcome the Obama Years?"

She introduced me to William "Billy" Kirkland Special Assistant to the President & Deputy Director White House Intergovernmental Affairs.

I reached out to "Billy", again addressed our unique economic situation and arranged for the Board of County Commissioner's to send a letter to President Trump. Within weeks Commissioner Ray Beck and Natural Resources Director Jeff Comstock, along with other members from Club 20 and Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado were meeting with Department of the Interior Director Zinke concerning Sage Grouse and other issues. Their meetings have produced great results including having a seat at the table and a voice on the State of Colorado Grouse Plan.

  2. East Kum and Go Project by the Moffat County Fairgrounds.

Before and After: Moffat County County sold the property the shop was on to  to Kum and Go. The proceeds were used to build a new shop and clean the site. The county is now receiving even more real estate taxes from the new and expanded store.

3.Shadow  Mountain Village paving, curb, gutter, water and sewer project.

4.Swinging Bridge Repair and Upgrade


5.Shadow Mountain Clubhouse buyer plans new housing units for Craig building

6.Luttrell Barn


Through a agreement with the "Save The Barn" committee, the Moffat County Board of County Commissioners was able to put the barn's future into the hands of a group of dedicated people who will ensure it has a long and vibrant future. 


7.Moffat County Broadband Initiative

8.Moffat County Local Marketing District

9.Priority Based Budgeting / Resource Alingnment

10.Mining for Dollars

11.National Association of Counties (NACo) Team Leader of Coal Reliant Communities Innovation Challenge in Pikeville, Kentucky.

12.Standing Up Against Wild Earth Guardians Lawsuits against our coal mines and Coal fired power plant.

13.Reducing county budget by 9.97 Full Time Equivalent Employees saving the county $826,098 on an annual basis.

14.Capital Improvement Plan.

15.Moffat County Landfill moving towards a enterprise....

16.Maybell Sanitation moving towards a enterprise....





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